Services and Therapy

Individual, Marital & Family Therapy

The majority of our clients participate in individual or marital counseling services. We provide individual therapy for all ages. Our staff works hard to match the client with the best trained therapist at the most convenient location possible and to assist with insurance coverage issues.

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Relationship and Fitness

Teaching Lifestyle Management

Combining relationship discussion groups led by facilitator and counselor with fitness classes led certified trainer. RVA4 Fitness challenges men and women to be the person God created them to be.

  • Physical activity can reduce the effects of Anxiety, Depression and Sleep Disturbances
  • Increased physical fitness can have an impact on increasing one’s Self Concept, Cognition and Confidence
  • Exercise can decrease the various negative factors that Stress has on one’s overall health in body, mind, and emotions
  • STRENGTH and PURPOSE: A healthy body improves emotional well-being and enhances relationships

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Addictions Groups

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Art Therapy

Suitable for our young clients as well as our older ones. It allows expression of inner thoughts in ways that frequently cannot be conveyed with words, fosters emotional growth, and facilitates awareness and expression of emotions. Utilizing a variety of techniques, non-verbal communication is encouraged through the use of various art media.

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Group Therapy

Involves active participation with other individuals who have similar challenges and who are seeking guidance. The group setting can often be the most effective method to work on certain issues, as it provides input from others and a sense of belonging. It can also be more cost effective than individual counseling. Strict confidentiality is strongly adhered to.

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Play Therapy

Particularly useful for children and adolescents. Is used to discover and deal with underlying fears or trauma that a child might otherwise be reluctant or incapable of discussing. Staff utilizing play therapy have had specialized training.

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Educational Seminars

Designed to provide a maximum level of accountability and encouragement for participants to gain a more accurate level of self awareness. We teach relationship skills, problem solving skills, emotional self regulation and recovery skills. Strict confidentiality is strongly adhered to .Most educational seminars are gender specific.

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Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is a therapy that is particularly effective in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, phobia, and unrelenting grief. It is an integrative approach that uses the brain's information processing system to "reload" a difficult experience into a more functional memory network that includes appropriate thoughts, feelings, and body sensations.

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